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Authenticity Is Not For The Squeamish

Be Self Evident exists to bring stories of humanity to the world. Stories of authenticity, vulnerability, empathy, and community. Drawing from the founder, Steven Benfield's, story of self-disovery and rebirth at age 56, acceptance and validation pour out of everything he does. He touches on forgiveness, purpose,, identity, leadership, technology, gaming, music, art, emotion, self-discovery, GenZ, creative expression., and the grind. Steven has created new visions and product strategies, created award winning solutions, taught over 25,000 people by age 30, presented to billionaires, and been an empathetic C-level executive for 25 years. Leaving that behind, Steven has embarked on a new career as an artist. Through his lived experiences; he bridges white and black, rich and poor, LGBT+ and straight, and young and old. He is just as comfortable talking to a CEO as he is an artist as he is the neighbor next door. Be Self Evident is a safe space for people from all backgrounds. It is a haven from judgement and adheres to a strict non-trolling and non-denigration policy. We welcome all schools of thought, but not hidden agendas. .


Anytime. Usually evenings 9-midnight ET.

Evident streams when he the vibe is right

Sunday, 11am-1pm, Evident Blest

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