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A run before morning sun

Just some random wordplay and rhyme


I knew it would come to this.

From the day before I met her

When my will did manifest her


I have sucked twenty years from her

Because that is what it takes to spark

A team like Rodney and evidents

No intentional malevolence

What we had made so much sense

I wish I could play Simon says

Stop doing what your heart wants

I won't be using that old crutch

From now on we'll go dutch

Oven stinking what is Steve thinking

Steve is on to the next thing

Only possible because Steve

Is me and you are me and we are all together

All humans of a feather

Some of us like leather

And have gotten quite pet-ty

I mean petting not petty

There goes mom's spaghetti

Oops there goes daddy Steve

Rhyming like make believe

Who here remembers ask Jeeves

Maybe that'll be my tat sleeve

Aint been time to old Steve grieve

That dude just had to fucking leave

Matrix real as is the weave

Talking in movies is my pet peeve

Too many gummies makes her heave

Half as much as my friends reeve

Kinda looks like superman Christophermas wreath

I still think about Bradley Pitt

Post Malone superhuman spits

Used to think I couldn't write em like this

Was nowhere on my 22 bingo card list

Now they flow like tears or blood or piss

Depends on how I'm feeling this

Need some beats to go with this rhyme

Move it to any place sense or time

Back up one level I ain't remiss

Rhyme a few lines only for you

The chosen and the lucky few

Can see me start to do what I do

Before security puts a stop to you

These words coming out perfectly made

It as if I have supernatural aid

Supposedly there are dues to be paid

Because I'm on the fast lane throw no shade

It ain't bragging if its honesty mate

Anything else is just self masturbate

Something they told us not to do in eighth grade

Not in the sun but in the shade

So many repetitive rhymes I have made

Not many have I belayed

Writing them before they could marinate

Man made mini maid mint x-rayed marinade

My family thinks I am cray crayed

Part of my mind is fucking frayed

Reality is they are all just afraid

Because I come on like a live grenade

One day maybe I'll meet Dennis Quaid

Not that whack job Randy fade

Shitters Full line that randy slayed

Dennis definitely got more laid

Time to stop before I get flayed

legal rights don't get weighed

This is me dropping the mic on stage

I'm cooler that fucking Nicholas cage

Meet me sir do not rage

And in discourse we can thus engage

Etcetera etcetera etcetera plain

R.E.M. get me a damn orange crush (game)

PB and J uncrust (lame)

I think I just made her blush (claim)

Take it slow, what is the rush? (fame)

Brokering peace and tell news to shush (gain)

Nothing about me will I hush (explain)

Spitting rhymes faster and faster

Linguistical flow I'm a master

Liquefaction clothes flows

Julia upon seeing those

Herrick wrote those scenarios

16 year old me dick grows

Wearing what Julia wore oh gross

Fetish for forty years and more

Disappeared when I went 'GAY DOH!'

Surprising my self filling a hole

No more cursing or just playing a role

Some people close to me say I'm an a-hole

Might be right if so, so?

This rhyme needs resolution

Because sleep is my solution

I am all about the fusion

Sent a SASE to the Aleutians

Again sorry for the confusion

Feels all lilliputian

Big ass for the push in

The bigger the cushion

Tap tap the pushing

Again I am at the crossroads

Need to sleep it off blokes

Walking cracking egg yolks

Th-th-thats all folks

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