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Activity Name: Share The Music Of Your Life

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I have a challenge/game for you.

If you do this, please leave a comment on your experience

Activity Name: Share The Music Of Your Life

One way I connect with people is through the music they love. It brings out things in people that you wouldn't normally know in the normal stream of conversations. Music is emotion put to sound.

If you want to connect with your kids, significant other (now or to be), coworker, anyone at a deeper level, do this:

Go into the music app of your choice and create a playlist of three songs that are important to you--and create a name like me and <your friends name> 2022-11-12. Now you will know who the list is with and when you shared with them. Now, ask your friend to add 3 songs to the play list--that they love. (If you do this with another person--you don't have to pick the same 3 songs to start with...)

The only criteria, the music has to have significance to you. Don't try to think 'will they like this song' or 'that one kind of embarrasses me'... be authentic and vulnerable in your song choices.

Now, share the playlist with your friend.


And listen to the songs together. And you tell them why you love yours and vice versa. Tell them what musical parts you like, lyrics, what was happening you life when this song was popular, etc.

You will walk away with a few things.

1 - a much better understanding of your friend (and vice versa) 2 - you will most likely discover a song or artist you did not know 3 - you might understand a different genre of music better 4 - you will have shared an important part of your with your friend 5 - you will feel better--and so will your friend

If you found it fun, do it again with someone else!

#relationships #friends #family #sharingiscaring #authenticity #emotionsmatter

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