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And then I figured out the business I want to be in

Updated: Nov 21, 2022



Everything below is still true. However, I am augmenting this.

In addition to the below, I also want to do public speaking and writing around topics that I am passionate about:

  • The magic of Gen-Z: diversity, sexual identity, racial equality, sustainability, authenticity, individuality, community, social responsibility, naturality, use of psychedelics for social, emotional lubrication and self examination.

  • Leadership Lessons: my experiences in leadership in new times, lean times, good times, flush times, crisis times, and private times.

  • You can change you life anytime you want. So why wait? It is never too late to change your life. At age 56, now, I have experienced massive life change this summer and am the happiest I've ever been in my life.


As I've been writing and creating and thinking this summer, I've been thinking of 'how do I get my message out?' And then in moments of calmness and confidence, I just say 'well, put it on youtube, linkedin, facebook--whatever medium seems right at the moment' And I know an audience will show up.

But today, in reaching out to a CEO who I think is on the same wavelength as me around authenticity, it hit me.

Literally it hit me as I writing them an email.

What I want to do is help people with their business and product strategies. I want to coach people and help them solve the problems they are having.

In my career, I've built software, I've been a company spokesperson, I've been a trainer. I have been an executive since I was 27 and went into business with a friend. Even before I was a consultant building software for small businesses in Atlanta. (Back before the internet when you could not find software for business X, Y, or Z. I'm talking multi-user green screen UNIX kind of stuff. I did that at age 19)

And I've helped shape the direction of many companies. And have been involved in many transactions as we've sold what we built to others.

I am not a maintainer, I am a builder, a creator.

I do not come up with new business ideas. (I say that, but I'm doing that more and more these days).

Rather, I am a powerful change agent.

I recognize good ideas and I can find the true value in them. And I can help amplify and shape them--and I can help make them reality. Whether its a product strategy or design, helping lead a team to newer heights, evangelizing the solution to the market. I can talk to software developers, CEOs, Industry analysts and influencers, sales people, prospects, reporters, janitors, trouble employees, investors -- anyone.

I am a CTO -

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Translation Officer

Chief Transformation Officer

Chief Talking Officer

Chief Turnaround Officer

Chief Touchy-Feely Officer

Chief Team Officer

So, if you need someone to help you in your business or your dream, I am your man.

I am not cheap and I am picky with who I work with. I have integrity. And I do not need to sell. My work and actions sell themselves--because they are authentic, real, and damn good. And if you are a CEO or leader with the same qualities, then let's talk. But if you aren't, don't even reach out to me, I do not have the time.

You can reach me at

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