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Aren't we all self evident?

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Hi. Welcome to Be Self Evident.

old tired man in shocking blue shirt and shorts drenched in sweat
After 2 Hours of Dancing

In a sentence -- I found that if I am open and vulnerable and share the real me, that people respond by being vulnerable, open, and sharing the real them.

And that is just amazingly cool.

So that's what this effort is all about.

My name is Steve and this site is literally me. It may be a bit jumbled and unorganized for a while--but I've found that you only get to an organized state once you understand the various pieces and how they can and should fit together.

I recently came out of a decade-long depression where my emotions were flatline--never high, never low. Even Steven. In addition, my thinking was transactional -- when I talked with someone I usually had some sort of agenda or would think 'what can I get out of this in the future'. It really is a shitty way to think and I feel like a horrible human being for doing so.

My goal with this site is to publish whatever comes to my mind and just put myself out there. Sure somewhere in the back of my head is 'I'm going to be internet famous'. But that really isn't my motivation.

Three months ago I would have been thinking transactionally and thinking how can I make money doing X? Now, through a series of pretty amazing epiphanies and transformations, I am feeling compelled to share. Share me with you. And hopefully in doing so, I can send love to some part of you that needs it -- and, as a result, you can have more love to then share with others. If you do this N times you get 2 to the Nth power which is pretty f*cking big for non-trivial values of N.

If you are as old as me, you'll remember and ad for shampoo where they share it with two people and they share it with two people and so on and so on and so on. Once you've seen this commercial, you remembered it. The 'and so on and so on' is pretty damn catchy.

Well, that's what I'd love. If I share something that touches you, then tell two friends...and so on and so on.

If enough of you do it, then I won't have to keep working for the next decade to pay for my kids education, my dog's surgeries, and my growing penchant for headphones and audio equipment. (I'll explain why in a future post..)

So what can you expect at this site? Well I'm not 100% sure. If I had that planned out instead of writing this with no fucking idea what I'm actually doing to, then it wouldn't be authentic. It would a social media enterprise. And that it isn't. (it will be, but organically)

I'm expecting some pictures of me dancing, lots of naval gazing poems, some raps, and whatever comes to mind. Links to cool shit, inspirational sayings that you'll promise to remember but won't, and, hopefully, discussions. Warning: I may spew some left leaning political musings from time to time. OK, OK -- rants. Yes there may be rants.

I am desperate for connection. I want to meet and associate with cool people. So I love comments and questions -- and sharing.

Till later, I'm Be Self Evident.

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