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Bad Poetry

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Your work is too emotionally raw

there is no rythmic or rhymical flow

or words that allure

where are the multiple meanings

such eloquent preenings

this is bad poetry


whatever this is


it is not poetry

that is what they said to me

hey baby its not for you

it is for me

and those who get my personality

my rationality and my banality

perhaps you give your love conditionality

versus down to your core intimately

and you might be a bystander innocently

and look upon me with difficulty

not how I have acted traditionally

so perhaps give acceptance provisionally

watch my actions and behaviors meticulously

if you don’t like the words I put down

if you think I’m some sort of overconfident clown

even those around me who can pronounce pflaum

en Kook en you might think I am one

you think I don’t notice I am not dumb

I do see what is happening under my thumb

I know beating my own personal drum

my snares and high hats and kick bum bum bum

you aren’t the only one who feels the ryth-um

of the music

or life

I admit I like to swallow my gum

seven years myth is kind a dumb

you want me to go around and be a bit more glum

I am no longer that disgusting old bum

who you and I both think acted like scum

yes horrible compulsions I did succumb

succumb and succumb and succumb

and I can make none of it undone

I don’t to all this for fun

I do it because otherwise I'd be emotionally numb

Every word and action I do is a crumb

a bite sized personal piece of me

culminating into my own internal symphony

everyday a new epiphany

my methods may bely simplicity

one day I might appeal even to my friend Timothy

in addition to those living in my daily proximity

I want ministry not toxicity

free to be you, free to be me

why does the rhymebook app say SMEE!

The author of Bad Poetry
The author of Bad Poetry

go take a look

Smee n Mr. hook

movie not the book

if I wasn’t your father would you still think I’m a shnook?

perhaps once again social clues I mistook

am I real or a delusional crook

or taking cues from a misfiring brain crook

some random cranny or nook

William or Allistair also both Crooke

this the craziest rhyme and flow I’ve undertook

hope it makes sense not gobeldygook

the funny thing is this poem only really took

this many minutes to get to the word shook

I think my words can really sort of cook

I just wanted to rhyme with zook

but I googled it in urban dictionary — what the FOOK?

I should have castled my rook

Oh Oh Oh a chess reference detour I took

I started a different poem but my mind overtook

Lunch conversation today I’m sorry I’am a mook

apologies to those I forsook

talking over you with the Adderall I just took

attacking like an apache chinook

I should have behaved better than a common snook

read more about helicopters in my new book

who here remembers the battle of Kir-Kuk?

2017 being the year we re-overtook

Ok I’ve written more that I can brook

overcook undercook

get our my checkbook

good book hymnbook

him book picture book

heart book not a face book

I’m sorry if I have your on a tenterhook

I don’t mean to constantly pressure-cook

we are no longer the standard family picture book

sometimes you think we’re in a comic book

perhaps we change our familial outlook

sing from a brand new songbook

you don’t even remember using a phone book

when you are ready to talk to me sign my appointment book

or wait to go listen on the audiobook

sorry my life is no longer a tightly closed book

jokebook cookbook lawbook textbook

prayerbook scrapbook yearbook handbook

I’ll bring this to rest and pull out the fishhook

Was it Tom Sawyer or Hal Holbrook?

I actually know someone who knows Tim Cook

My wife needs food so I need to be a pastry cook

So I will bring to end my emerging e-book

One more throw of my emotional grappling hook

then I'll rest in my little inglenook (seriously look this word up)

please take a moment and sign my guestbook

and maybe share this on Facebook

or any other social media you have partook

ok one last time for that side look

seriously make sure you sign my log book

"His heart it quook, and his body shook"

a line from some old english schoolbook

Ok, seriously I am done writing into this copybook

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