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Being Evident

"Steve, why do you have to share so much?"

"Steve, man...dude..what the fuck are you thinking telling people you..."

"Steve, really man? Why did tell people you cheated? Some things are better left unsaid."

"Steve, you'd get more people talking with you if you weren't so out there. If you tone it down a little..."

"Steve, that important industry person hung his head when you said you wanted to sign that act in front of the whole showcase..."

"Steve, really, that livestream...."

"Steve, that guy has a song on the top 30 and he didn't want to talk to you because you were acting manic..."

At times I come in with the full blinding light of 1000 suns.

Sometimes, I'm just an aloof observer talking to whomever.

But I am always aware of my audience. Whether it is one person or a worldwide broadcast.

Some people are so wrapped up in themselves, they don't even realize the sun has just walked past them. They don't even see me.

Second, when you walk in brighter than the sun, it intimidates the fakers. And they don't talk to me either.

It then challenges the talented ones. But since they are radiating less than 1000 suns, they don't talk to me either. Perhaps they have secrets and know that I will bore through them and see their souls.

What is left are the ones who will walk up to

me and say something.

Those are the authentic ones.

Those are the ones with a passion for something.

And they want me to know their passion.

Of those, many have something in their lives that prevents them from leaning in.

Maybe some responsibility? Kids to take care of.

Parents to support.

Job that is killing them.

Toxic relationship that limits them.

Or maybe they have secrets that can't yet share.

So that leaves a small small number that actually talk to me when I'm out doing my thing.

And every single one of those conversations.

Has been significant.

Because they see me as a kindred spirit.

Well, they recognize me for what I am.

And they turn their light.

And walk with me.

Thereby making our radiance even greater.

And some not only walk with me

But amplify me

And together we become exponential

Treasure the exponential people in your lives

Live and work authentically

Believe in yourself

Don't listen to the haters

And just enjoy the ride

And let things happen in their own timing


The world will begin to see the light of Evident Soul very very soon.

And because we are a team of exponential people,

We will fill the dark corners of the world with our light

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