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Best Imaginary Me

In a self induced purple haze

Of frenzy and possibility

I tripped across that rubicon

From me to the best imaginary me

And in that extended haze

I knew I was the chosen one

And that my life has led to this moment

Riches awaited me because of merit

That I imagined I was earning by the hour

Because the best imaginary me is an absolute legend

Confident to a fault

Doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks

Sees things that others cannot

Bends the will of the universe toward him

And moves in his own time and space

Now the bridges that I burned

Are smoldering in my sight

Flames still licking toward me

Searing heat blistering parts of my skin

Making me wonder if this what I really wanted

I am not the best imaginary me

Though I am learning that

I need his help

To keep the real me

From forgetting the power I can wield

If even a fraction of the best imaginary me

Is actually real

Then I will be just fine

Once the flames have been extinguished

And the scars of my burns start to heal

Grace will begin it return

I will rise again

Living the rest of my days


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