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Boomers, you ain't shit....

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I hear people my age say stupid things all the time.

Like, this generation is lame. Music is all manufactured, there is no talent.

Get your head out of your ass and try to figure out what it is about. Dismissing it off-hand is patently stupid. There is a reason why these artists are the #1 on the planet.

Just like our parents said shit about Michael Jackson, or Nirvana. They dismiss stuff they don't understand.

Sure, there's crap out there. But how many of you remember all the songs on the top 40 over the years. You don't, because its the hits most of us remember, not the crap.

Same as today.

I was guilty of this with modern rap. But once I developed my synesthesia and was able to feel the music--oh my god--there is so much genius out there. And when I saw my son crying while listening to the playlist he made for me--I leaned in and listened--and cried too--at the beauty and the pain being expressed in the song.

And people make fun of Taylor Swift (as I had), boy was I wrong. Her music is deep.

As deep as Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Beatles, whatever.

If you are a parent, do this:

Pick 3 songs that mean something to you. Write a paragraph as to why they do. Then ask your kids to do the same. Listen to those 6 songs together and talk about them.

You might learn something instead of going 'oh this is crap or noise'. Say that basically shuts down a path of communication. And we wonder why kids these days go 'ok, boomer'

I play online games. I'm 56. Many of my peers think that is weird. It isn't. Gaming is bigger than movies and television combined. And I'm a fan of esports. I attended my first live esports event 2 weeks ago. 21,000 people here in Atlanta cheering for their teams. It was more exciting than any basketball game I've seen. And I posted something on Facebook and a former CNN producer--someone that knows about audiences--said that watching other people play video games is a sign of the downfall of generations after Boomers. What a fool. Too wrapped up in his beliefs to go take a look for himself.

Boomers think they are all that--you aren't shit. Gen-X--we aren't shit. Millennials--you aren't shit. And Gen-Z, you aren't shit. We're all human.

Tastes and attitudes changes.

They is no longer a plural noun. English transforms. They did a PBS special and damn book on this in the 80s/90s. So it is evolving. Get over it. We now have language to describe various gender identities. It may not mean anything to you--but you might be straight and have no gender confusion. In fact MOST of you are. But those of us that aren't, we appreciate being able to put into a word what we think--because those words did not exist in 1980. So pansexual, demisexial, queer, intersex, gender non-conforming, trans -- they have meanings for a reason--because they describe how a non-trivial % of the population feels about themselves or their preferences. Just because you don't understand doesn't mean it isn't real.

So get over yourself and seek first to understand--not tear down.

But the oxford comma and a single space after punctuation. Those are core axioms and cannot be altered. Unless you write poetry, then do what you want.

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