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Chase. My Man!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


This is a long piece. It did not start out that way. It was just some playing around with the term chase my man. This thing goes down rabbit holes and back up again.

I recommend you not read this unless you have a bit of time to devote. Because there are videos, websites references, and you really need all that to experience the fullness of what I have put here--it is all one big experience.


One of my new friends is Chase Holland. A superstar about to nova on the world.

But this poem isn't really about him...



This poem is not about him ...

canadian friends aboot him...

yes the root is him...

this is not his hymn

holy fucking homonym

eminem m&m peanut purple feminine

google that shit there's a gem in them

be self evidencial anemone

enemy friend in me cleverly


said quite airily

play with me derierrily

london dairy air ilee


pronounced pro sess air ill lee

and its aboot time I got back to the root

I am groot

foot (foooo-t)



stringed harp

stringed heart

heart string

art string

arts sting






ding ding

















heart beating

heart bleeding

heart bleeting

hard breathing


now reading

i am not chase holland

this is not his hymnal

this is him though

not him but HIM

HIM is me solo

this is my him null

this is him full





don't be wrothful

don't be wrongful

be him-fle

be they-fle

be us-fle

can be interpreted as be U-essfle

which is jingiotic

a mix of idiotic and jingoistic

i am linguistical mystical colonel angus ( anal | cunning).lingus-ful lustful lug anagramatically lustful nig

oh shit

colonial colon hole

however i digress

climbing so far out of that rabbit hole

perhaps use-ful

yous full yous-full youthful you th full ewe full cat stevens yu-


a intentional wormhole into my other unintentional but more confidential meaning

and as I'm thinking of preening about whatever rhymes with meaning

I stop

my mind is reeling

and I am endless feeling

my thoughts congealing

breathing pleading

begin my healing

I should be kneeling

confessional revealing

however I digress

let me climb out of this pinhole back to the workhole in the rabbit hole

have I mentioned this is my foxhole

no faux whole

comfortable numb whoa

and I can think of the right words to say

whoa whooaaaah

whoah......woaah oh...

this is to meta

meta meh TAH


men T

is there a word that means the sound you make when you finish start

I mean the end of start


google will be my friend - duhh



The true T sound (also known as hard T) is found in words such as top, hat, late, and toy. (The true T sound is simply the regular T sound.),middle%20of%20uh%2Doh.)&text=(%22Glottal%22%20means%20produced%20by%20the%20glottis.

the stressed syllable or part of a consonant cluster

stresssssed sil-labble

esss is the stressed sil-labble in my previous lines' syllable drabble

admit originally thought 'sil-labble drabble'

but I wrote it sill-ah-bull drabble

but your brain is abble

And so I resume....finally....

but your brain is abble to scrabble (pronounced scare-abble and scrah-bull)

if people can be non gender conforming enby

(I am a fan and I're enby? I'm enfy as in ENFJ or ENFP...ENF* ...)

(ENF* is pronounced en-fee)

But it's spaghetti...

I'm benfy

No really, Steve Benfy. Benfyld.

Steve b-ENF*-ull-d

ull: From Vulgar Latinoclus, from Latinoculus, from Proto-Italic*okelos, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European*h₃okʷ-, *h₃ekʷ-(“eye; to see”). Compare Occitanuèlh, Frenchœil, Spanishojo. Doublet of òcul, a borrowing from Latin.

ull als means eye

so Steve b-ENF*-ull-ld

pronounced Steve Benfield (not Steve ben-fulled which you visually would be led to believe)

I could write Steve Stieve

oh hell. Steve + Believe = Stieve + beleve

which is still pronounced Steve Believe

wordplay without decay is my foray

Rebecca De Mornay makes me horney hey hey



And right after I typed her name, I had to go find this...

(you need to play this video because we are about to go with the rhythm..)


riding the tracks click clack

oh my god these notes are the sound a train makes going over the track

why have I not in 40 years thought of that

I am floating on the tracks increasing speed of attack

riding the waves

and synthesizer notes coming louder and building tension



and I need to know those notes and off to google I go breaking the song

and it leads me to this

'So Anyway...

its nine stages long

the rythm of this is coming from the left most mini trigger store

I use a trigger sequencer to advance a voltage sequencer which is then controlling the pitches of the oscillator then the trigger sequences will control the envelope generators as well as the..uh..pitch sequence..


The notes

F - E flat - F - C - F - F - E flat - C

And this man (Suit & Tie Guy) is speaking in words that I only slightly understand

and WOW i did not know I was a Synth Nerd (a term from his website)

And the site is synthopia

Synesthesia synthopia is synthesis my sin thesis is in pieces



We have reached Inception people. Eat your heart out Christopher Nolan.

Ain't that a kick in the head...

But wait! There's the bottom of this stack..



"When I get to the bottom

I go back to the top of the slide

Where I stop and I turn and I go for a ride

'Til I get to the bottom and I see you again

Yeah, yeah, yeah, ha-ha-ha!"

Helter Skelter, The Beatles


LEVEL 3...continued

ding ding ding be bum de bum bum

F - E flat - F - C - F - F - E flat - C

the feeling that goes through me is

F - E flat - F - C - F - F - E flat - C

a growing tension reflection aural erection oops redaction no action liquefaction

julia = api.fetch('https://robertherrick/api/uponjuliasclothes/subject') 
liquefaction = julia.clothes

and you have to watch the video because wow

they took out like every other frame and doubled what remains giving the video a staccato domain for one of the sexiest most sensual movie refrains and it entertains making for gonadial strain because DAMN

And at 4:21 the spark of the track from the train is my last ahhh body division schism from jism of my onanism because how can you not be turned on by that visual and audio masterpiece?

every once in a while you have to say what the fuck


LEVEL 2...continued

what can I say perhaps not so gay

In a I first saw this when I was 18 kind of way

And it still is fresh and raw to me to this day


LEVEL 1...continued

So back to the main poem thread...

So whenever he reaches out to me on instagram, I immediately say 'chase my man'. In which I really mean 'Chase. My Man!'

I then typed 'Chase! My Man!' but that has different meaning...because it sounds like Chase is interjenctional instead of declarational. Of which I was intentional. But in some sense it is omnidirectional although only got then when I reflectional.

And then...I get this really weird feeling...'chase my man'...whoah...that sounds pretty damn fun. To chase my man. And that is something quite new to my thinking....

And so tonight, when Chase messaged me, I said 'Chase my man!!'...I had that feeling AGAIN....

And so I wrote about it....

And like a lot of my wound up somewhere I did not expect..

in fact this one...this one started before the events in the second part had happened

and when I originally wrote this and wondered 'why does chase my man' sound so interesting...and it took me to a place that is intensely personal. I will reveal no more...

Chase my man

which is both directive and imperative

either one operative

I have the will to live

No matter if something has to div

Eye for an eye


I for an I

Me for a me

And I chase no one

...30 second pause...

Oh shit I just realized another meaning

Its both directive and imperative but also literal alliteral familial genial gene-al

She is not currently congenial cuz of my recent reveal-eee-ul

This is my confessional

My behavior secessional

dalliances transgressional

cross dresser trans personal

just so you know, no longer literal

consequential digressional

Indisretional OH discretional

unilateral situational aggressional messiahal

My sexual desires contralateral

Pansexual isobilateral electrical

too effectual affectual

fractially lexicle

testical and popcicle

my pops family says moter-sickle

I feel a really really funny tickle in my pickle

i was so damn fickle

downright dialed-in diabolically dialectrical dialectical

oh so consent-ual

Oh so cunt sensual

dragoncon sexual

Personally ministerial

My confessional not professional

Not surprisingly congressional

her concessional Intercessional

Ancestors hessional

In the middle of author's writing trip, he saw the instagram notification


gerimy, oh that made me feel good to my core...i will say no opened the door..I am a lyrical whore..almost sixty-four...years of lore...voice like velour...nor ...... I am rythmic ore...or...not...what does it mattor...... days of yore..I grew up so watch me soar...

even if all of this tore....her heart on the floor...missed the bottom drawer...because I was a boor....writing no chore...I can see the distant shore...can't wait for what is in store.......just a literal bore..I am one with the spore …spitting out spoor …playing the viola d'amore ...bull not boar....need someone to more...suck whore..suck suck....horseuck...or suck

Not even my misgendered former son

My middle child with the middle name

The same as the first word of this rhyme

I am playing

I will not chase Chase

H be Chase

not chaste

H and B around it

Dead name confound it

But wait for her

I will wait for her

Even if it never happens


Other things...

Rebecca De Mornay:

This--so much this:

State Azure -- Synth GOD - or channeler of godness goodness --

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