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Come fw us?

If you fw us

We’ll fw you

If you f us over

Then your journey’s through

If you wit our crew

Then we’re wit you too

We protect our own

As long as they are true

If your morals are broken or fake

Sorry fam you cannot partake

We only fw those with who we can relate

No backstabbing disrespect or hate

You do you

And we’ll be us

We have no judgment

It makes less fuss

My whole circle is people I trust

As a team we already leaving you in the dust

What you can’t see is below the line

Oh but it ain't going to take much more time

Evident soul up in this whole bitch

Don’t care if its easy or just another damn glitch

You already part of our imminent thunder

From the ATL to the lands down under

Radio internet concert speaker

Our sound making haters weaker and weaker

Whether its hip hop soul r and b

Country choral avenue Q you see

Singer songwriter higher and higher

Folk rock metal indie artists all are fire

Then film video and anime will be consumed

As we spread quality from the artists we’ve exhumed

From those who couldn’t see past your artistic border

At evident soul we’re an authentic quality hoarder

And we’re bringing in a new creative world order

Fakers haters and cons exposed will have no quarter

If with our message vibe you do subscribe

Spread it out deep far and wide

Post it tag it turn it into a song

Tag us with it and we’ll follow along

We’ll take the best one that you can make

Because we can tell if its rehearsed or fake

And we’ll invite you to break bread with us

We will help your dreams to crush

We only fw quality people

Be we know our home ain't a steeple

We just want extraordinary people

tapping into something deeply primeval

if you read this far then here's the direction

record yourself doing this and submit for our selection

don't care about genre style art form for your expression

you are an artist, come teach us a lesson

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