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Diabolical Antibiotical Aroma

I wrote this because....well...god I love this video...

You know you are sick

When your own fart

Makes you think

My god what died in my ass

Jesus I have to leave this room

Those ones where the smell

Fills your nose with a slight blister

literally feels hot when you breathe

where you want to put a sign on your ass that says BIOHAZARD

my god I hope nothing splattered

or got on anything that mattered

So bad you HAVE to leave the room

(God help anyone who walks in soon)

that shit follows you when you walk away


And figuratively

And aromatically

There is no substance that can conceal

That assault so nasopharyngeal

And then you come back 15 minutes later

And that shit hits you again

A remembrance of your original sin

(Literally, fig…yada)

Ever had one of those?

Well, I just had one

My wife says I have no filter

But damn I wish I had one now because

13 days on antibiotics will

Bring the swamps of Degobah

Not sure where I read it

look it up on Reddit

You’ll say your dog did it

Just a slight whiff

Will make you think C-Diff


My dog just farted

Oh god its bad

Wink wink

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