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A friend asked me to write a poem about divinity without the bias of man. So here's what I wrote.

What is divine?

Is there such a thing

Unfettered by the biases

Of old men from centuries past

With their sheep and ox

And dust

Worshipping the burning bush

And a jealous god

Who wrestles men

And casts demons from pigs

Is it a multi armed being

With the all seeing eye

And fingers in a point

With the sitar

Making a dervish of my soul

Within me

And without me?

Is it the innocence of a child

Standing in the street

Staring at the camera

With piercing eyes

needing nourishment

For only $1 a day

You too can make yourself


like you’ve done something

Without getting our of your chair

Is it in the rocks

And crystals

And auras

And chakras

And Mother Earth energy

That you cannot measure

On any device

But clearly exists

Because you feel it?

Is it in the tantric tingles

Of lovers so in touch

With each other that each


Triggers waves pleasure

And bodies and minds intertwine

Until the screams

Of ecstasy

Signal petite mort

And orgasmic release of their souls

With each exhaled breath

Perhaps it is the

Purple mountains majesty

And awe inspiring wilderness

And crystal clear streams

Where the gentle warmth of the sun

Fills your very soul

And the chirps of birds

Signal a peaceful retreat

From the ordinary day to day

I think it is all of that

And none of that

That there is no divine

Without human bias

And senses taking in

That which brings


loss of self

And a desire to touch

And belong to

Something larger than ourselves

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