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Fever Dream

I had a year long fever dream

Fueled by natures bounty

Taken in bountiful servings

Making the impossible real

Fever and frenzy occupied my days

My mind hazed beyond recognition

Ignoring all that I knew

And loved

And who loved me

To find the land of dreams

Seeing connections in everything

No matter how real or how far

I was quickly surrounded by people

Who fueled that fever

And helped me turn my dreams

Into nightmares

Seeing only possibilities

Ignoring the probabilities

Glossing over personalities

Forgetting the practicalities

Obsessing over peculiarities

Not recognizing my propensities

Living with the penalties

I fell into a deep deep sleep

And let the nightmare take over me

Now, in the harsh light of the morning sun

The fever has broken

Leaving me broke

In every way possible

Not knowing who to trust

Especially myself

And wondering if dreaming is still possible

But fevers serve a purpose

A harsh defense of self protection

Killing the bad

Along with the good

Leaving us weak

But cleansed

And ready to continue living

Stronger than ever

And to dream again

Leaving my fever behind

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