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Forever Forever

Updated: Jun 20

A friend of mine was recording a love song asking his girlfriend to be his forever, forever and to ride the wave together. The producer asked me to write a few lines of spoken word to go with it. I penned this over the next 10 minutes and we added it to the song. I didn't know what would come out but as I wrote it, I realized I was writing the epilogue--the end of the story. Until death to us part.

Forever, Forever

Baby my whole life you’ve been my center

You said yes and we rode the wave together

we made each other better and better

And you’ve been my true forever forever

but we know life has an ending ledger

and forever can’t last for ever ever

We said for hard times and the better

so rest now my heart’s love letter

its time for your pain to surrender

and I’ll see you in fields of heather

when the pearly gates I also enter

until then babe your memory I will treasure

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