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This was the 3rd or 4th poem that I wrote. I posted it on my Facebook page.

The people on your social media are real people (well unless they are some random insanely hot young 20-something who just happens to ask to be your friend. You may want to tread carefully there...)

We only see parts of our friends

In the posts and the tags and the pix

Picked from the moments of life

We feel we can share

The rest we don’t dare


We show only our faces

In their best and bright places

When deep in our hearts

We are hurting and aimless

Hoping no one can see the things that erase us

So maybe instead of a Facebook

We need a Heartbook

So we can be closer to real

And genuinely feel

Like we are in safe spaces

Extending our graces

To the people we’d love to know more of

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