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I got humbled and I deserved it

This weekend I competed in the Great American Speak Off.

I think there were about 700 competitors, all vying for a Golden Ticket to Miami for the next round. There will be roughly 100 people going. They've been some other cities and all-in-all, about 5000 people are competing. After Miami, the 100 go down to 3 with the Finale in Vegas in February.

So after my second round, I did not make it. And it took me down a few notches. But that is ok, I'm competing again on Nov 19 and learned a ton.

No matter how old you are

No matter how good you are


Axiom: Joy Capacity = 1 / secrets

And as secrets approaches zero, joy capacity approaches infinity

i walked in

confident in my past

and my skill

and my story

but i was so entwined with what to say

rewriting and revising and fretting

but something i was forgetting

was that my journey

is too focused about me

and the focus should be on you and we

and truths about what i learned

but true success must be earned

so while my ego is sun-burned

i will take the humbling

and my sometimes word bumbling

to heart, so that i can tell my story

without giving myself all the glory

i also did not let my newfound warmth shine

focused on thoughts in this head of mine

instead of being in the moment

thinking of what i would foment

so it was a good day all around

and i do not feel beat down

perhaps a bit of a clown

i am going to hunker down

and won’t accept that it’s been a loss

i will not allow some barabbas

go in my place unless my vibe just doesn't get across

face it, i'm not helios

i cannot rest in past success

and too much pride is what i confess

regardless of the final outcome

this path is not zero-sum

the world needs authenticity

messages that say it is ok to be you ok to be me

and it is never to late

for your love to undilapidate

cast off secret soul crushing weight

get into emotional spiritual physical shape

get to zero secrets that you are keeping

and stop your broken soul from weeping

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