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If you weren’t humble I would have lost interest

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

There are people who exist

Who always fight and resist

Compliments from this sophist

I ask my opinion to enlist

Yet they persist

even though I won’t desist

I am not being an altruist

When truth I simply list

Each one immediately dismissed

Lets go ask Jon-Baptiste

Physical beauty certainly does exist

But I am a spiritual emotional cardiologist

Real beauty pierces the foggiest mist

Of the world’s superficial check list

You need attending to by a modiste

Because you’re always too modest

Look, I am just an anthologist

And you nothing like an egoist

You need no makeup or a hair stylist

No need to be examined by an oculist

You don't need words from this new artist

Or if you will, this euphemist

To know your beauty inside and out coexist

In a state of harmonious bliss

Thank you for allowing me to write this

If you weren’t humble I would have lost interest

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