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In the late late night

This summer has been a whirlwind. I developed the ability to feel and move to music deeply without thinking. And I began writing. And here's why...

In the late late night

with only sound and smell - no sight

I write and I write and I write

Poems and words and flow

From sources I don’t know

My body is music

connected hip to hip

My body is flow

Which way I don’t know

My mind is synthesis synesthesia

Previously covered by amnesia

the outsider who thought I wasn’t there

From my fathers that really couldn’t care

Now a melding of sense and self

My mind taken off of the shelf

The mountain carried on my back

No longer an integrity hack

Change in clothes change in roles

all my walls raked in coals

Now I’m new as way before

I learned to be an acceptance whore

Writing truth

after all these years

Found myself

shed my fears

Surprised myself

I am gay

In retrospect

plain as day

Came out To me

Came out To her

Came out to those in my care

Came out to those of whom I care

We are happier than before

Found out love’s an open door

Share your heart get back more

Let yourself learn from me

Live with authenticity

Drop your walls and release the pain

Happiness is what you’ll gain

When ways of thinking are let go

And you give free living an honest go

words and rhymes emit from me

So I can share it publicly

Spreading truth from my heart

Is this truth even art?

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