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Someone asked me if I was going to write a manifesto. I don't know if this is one, but I titled it as such.

Oh fuck its a manifesto

Which means fuck all to anyone

Because unless other people agree with what you are spitting out

Its just wasted fiber that grew 50 years for you

To write your thoughts that no one hears

But tonight

In moments of emotional clarity and joy and jubilation

I realized I have something to say

And I’m going fucking steamroller the world to get my message out

So to those who love me and surround me

And see me spewing and spewing

Words and rhyme

Song and time

Flow and flow and flow

Just trying to go go go

Within without me

The world needs to hear the truths that grow in me

Fed by daily discoveries

Of who I truly was meant to be

I move to the sound I hear

A neutral vessel to channel those waves

Of mach 1 energy

The flow in and around me

Causing my muscles for contract

And restrict

And feed on the tension of the sounds on the page

Being played

And being thought of

Yes, thinking of a song also causes me to move

So back to my manifesto

A declaration of what I believe

And what I believe must and will happen

I believe that we are all gods children

And, by definition, if there was a god, which there isn’t, then we would all be Their children

Stay with me friend

As we are preaching on

And he will come to judge the quick and the dead

How can dead people be fast I asked

Back when I stilled faked believing in mythology

I believe that we are not our trauma

Self-inflicted or self-erasing or self-defending

You never gave consent for your trauma

And even if you shouted yes yes yes give it to me father

Let me see and feel and taste the glory of god.

Any thing that requires coercion is, by definition, not authentic.

And if it isn’t authentic

It is worth less than shit

Because it is not true

False true off on

You hide who you are

And make excuses for the disappointment

You think you’ll be

I am telling you walk into the light

And shed all that trauma bullshit

It lost its hold on you the second you heard me say

You Are Not Your Trauma.

And you should believe that

Because I’m a pretty fucking smart man

And I know

You are not your trauma

Never was never will be

Even though you don’t really believe

What I just said.

You are not your trauma.

I am a safe space. I will not judge you.

I will not condemn you

I will see that while you may hate the decisions you made

You were in a different place then

And you can’t change the past any way

So don’t even try to leave a good impression

Of your past indiscretions

They don’t need to be mentioned

Because if you are true and clear

Then those things can be shed

Without any fear of them returning

To harm your walk with the light

And what you know is right

And that which you crave

Is right

Near you

Reach out

Tell it that you think it is beautiful

And then let it go

If it no longer requires your protection.

So I guess this is my manifesto

I will grow and I will change it

And I will say, no, the manifesto was really published in 2023

As to you not bring attention to my hypocrisies and changes

In my position

Even though I claim to not do any of that

Connect more with me

And I will infuse you with my love

And if you don’t have strength to stand

Like my friend sam whose poison intake caught up with her

And all I could think of how acrid that

Taste of stomach acid is when you throw up and expel that which your body must get out at that precise moment.

Sam I hope you are ok

And welcome to my manifesto

It is a manifest manifesting manifesto

Saying all we need is love

And how I’m the one that is going to show people the way

When I’m deep down audacious and want to claim what I know.

I know you will be reading this because everyone will

Because who is fucking audacious enough to think he can save the world

Except someone who wants it to be true

And if I don’t believe it will happen

I will never make the moves to manifest that manifesto magnificently

So I believe and let myself do more everyday

As I see incremental follower count slowly crawl

Cmon people let’s get this show on the road

Because I need other people to talk to

About that crazy manifesto

And I have my kid’s college to pay for

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