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Monday Afternoon Evident Blues

I'm talking to investors...juggling money and accounts around because everything I do has to be cash in this business....and a bit down right this second. Don't really need any responses. Just need to get it out. Once I write something, the emotions are easier to put on a shelf.

Monday Afternoon Evident Blues


I’m here just trying to get it

Everyone says I’m 24 carat

Tell me my ideas have 100 million dollar merit

People see me walk around smooth as velvet

Focused on my dream like a zealot

Running faster that LaShawn Merritt

I’m playing this game without a helmet

Don’t do anything cool or tepid

My fuel is 100 octane unleaded

Family thinks I’m becoming Syd Barrett

I think I’m more like the Bene Gesserit

Like the spice riding worm I bear it

But its time I out and said it

Its the moment that I've always dreaded

Out of cash and maxxed my credit

bank of america has my card suspended

paypal thinks I left my passwords unattended

locked up my money I haven’t consented

banking while black not recommended

30th time I called them muddle-headed

while my processor is multithreaded

can’t to this alone gotta share it

gonna win this game I declare it

I can’t tell you how I’m going to mend it

hitting walls and I can't defend it

have to wait 10 more days for my techie paycheck

Looking for partners who gonna vet it

Pull out your checkbook lets go invent it

Need my high-wire properly netted

Let go and get mutually transcended

Guess this is how I’m going to end it

Its all digital so I can always amend it

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