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My event horizon

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I can't remember where the idea of a personal event horizon came from. I think I was talking with someone and they mentioned black hole and I just thought it would be a cool thing to weave into a poem.

Right now I am emitting

Putting out all the feeling and receiving that I am living

And I interpret all I feel and see

Fairly eloquently

In verse or movement or writing

And in the conversions I have with those

That are open and real with me

And I know that I radiate

Something that attracts

Others to me

To want to be close to me

But only if they also see what I see

Or at least a fraction of what I can see

Because I am a black hole

Pulling everything into my event horizon

Becoming singularity

With their emotions and fears and desires

And within my event horizon they can

Be real and open on honest

And know that I will tell them exactly

What I think and feel

And that with that

We are fused as one

For this moment

On the event horizon

And as mr hawking stated

All black holes

Dissipate eventually

As their radiation leaks

Ever more than they take in

So for now I want to be the center

Of all I see

And I draw all I can into my event horizon

Otherwise I will be reduced

By the black hole evaporation

Posited by trans-Planckian horizon calculations

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