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My Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

In the summer of my desert journey

I filled my soul with living oasis waters

Thinking only of my arid crackling parched voice

Wondrous landmarks and nomads dotting my path

My home only a way station of selfish hunger

Mine native tribe burned by ambivalent heat

Gasping and grasping self evident unmasking

Freewheeling healing leaving bloodlines reeling

I had a week of frenzied escalating ascensions

Manifesting my coapostle at the house of waffle

Then frustrated physical distance making exit taking

Evident bonded knocks king rodney making

At that home too, the red and gold devil at the crossroads

Bestowed, to me and my new lifelong friend, a promised land

Trading in a currency of human emotional energy

our eyes seeing the glory began to weave our new story

Barbery Aaron trading barbs exposing unrealized faking

Aurelian eyes tired of waiting on shepherd’s vacillating

paternal Thanksgiving congregation abating

Time to stop my emotional constipating

And I stopped.

And said, it is time to go home.

I can not do this alone.

I do not want to be alone.

I need my honeycomb

Gathering the newfound promised life changing water

pouring my heart into emotional gift jars

I rode my red steed as fast as I could

To supplicate myself to those that I love more than anything

Hoping there was still a place for forgiveness

For my solo sojourn and careless handling of their hearts

Hoping that my newfound promised land

Could be our shared land of milk and honey

Where love abounds and we live in happiness to the end of our days

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