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Ode to All For Now - By LudoWic

I wrote this listening to the song All For Now by an artist named LudoWic.

Best experienced with loud speakers; the bass is incredible.


Basal base echoing in my nasal space

Falling notes from the ether

Building tension over my mind and body dimensions

Incompleteness and longing in just some notes played over and over

And we spiral down and the echoing notes keep klaxxoning their warnings

To us that something is coming

Something is coming


And volume grows and tension in my body almost glows

White hot


Drums and volume pound my brain

I cannot remain


In this seat

As you intensify the delivery of this sonic conduction

And the clarity of the production

Your music is fucking incredible

Hand clapping never felt so amazing

Or is it sticks against something hard and possibly metallic

Tension taken up again and again and again

And words cannot do justice

Oh fuck volume and key changes major major

Weaved in a groove that makes my body slither and squirm

And volume fading

Sound degrading

And final zoom and the sparsity

Of Tapp Tapp tappp tappp



Overdrive overdrive

I will not survive this coming storm

Pounding pounding

Electronic flow synthesizers glow

And ravage my mind and body and

Oh I have to add this to my playlist of favorite things

And add to the synesthesia fucks



Vocals yeah…on the syncopation is elevation and migration

Of my mind outside my body as you

Pound pound pound my psyche and

I cannot help but move to your musics command

Spent as final fading hopefully not evading

I am.



In the genius of what I just heard

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