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Questions At Night

The questions that come in the reflective moments

As you try to shutdown your universe

Are the ones that impact your universe most

Have I made the right choices?

How could I have been so blind?

How could I have been so cruel?

Food First, Then Morals

Is what they say

Food however takes many forms

You have to feed a fever, a hurricane, a tornado, a vacuum

And I fed the empty void created by the Krakatoa explosion

of my self actualization

And the vastness of the empty space that needed filling took 200 days

Of manic hurricane intake and soul feeding

the gale of a gale wind of my soul’s hungry vacuum

Causing those closest to me lose their footing

And be pummeled by the shrapnel of my gluttony

Also the indifference of my primal focus on satiation

So who is the true me?

Both I am beginning to think because my definition

Of food

Seems to change depending on my mood

Or my needs.

And desires.

Real, perceived, or manifested.

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