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Reflection of Self

I sometimes say things about myself

That used to be up in my shelf

That embarrass people close to me

Because they think their identity

is shared and entwined with me

And while is is partially true

My foibles quirks and portmanteau

Are a reflection only on me

Even if you are in my family tree

I hate that I embarrass you

Because it means means you don’t really accept me for who I am

And sometimes others on our, lifetime plan

But to not be honest makes me, not a man

And that fucker previous, who I am

Is an asshole and selfish prick

And I detest his earnest authentic bullshit

Not to be confused with what I now spit

I have blown away all my barriers

Self doubt (I can’t)

Self-hate (I’m not)

Self-ish (only one)

Scarcity-ish (I’m done) (look at you and me)

Self-conciousness (I won’t)

Lack of belief in yourself  (I’m not)

I can’t I couldn’t I don’t create anything I’m

Not special

Are all forms of self hate my family

Lemme repeat lack of belief in yourself is self hate

I am the most amazing person in the universe

And so are you as you and you and y’all and y’all all and we be and we are and we is.

We is is all there is to say

Can’t operate any other way

One day I’ll have nothing left to say

But I’ll be saying that from my grave

You better throw one big damn rave

One where you don’t behave

Make your dad proud and be brave

Each of my kids is my fave

No stack ranking equally great

Yeah I took a liberty throw no shade

Not bad for 15?minutes made

Time for bed close the shade

Set two alarms for school brigade

Night everyone

Did you hear what I said?

Go. The. Fuck. To. Sleep. My. Enigma.

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