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Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Playing with rhyme--multi syllables, flow, cadence...

You know black and white

Ain't black nor white

Xor shift

one bit right

This shit spit

so goddamn tight



New fam old fam

I'm a Billy Joel fan

I'm a billy dee

cock a doodle do man

Just heard a crying baby tune fam

Change her in the other room damn

You would call her harmony

Oscar Mayer ba-lone-ee

Sis boom baja lone-el-ey

Baby momma fine to me

Tru hood new hook

I'm good new look

Probably just a do good

Lollipoppa torn hood

Norwegian porn wood

Nox king box bling rocks

Hat shoes too tight socks

Traveling with the atlanta hawks

Dribble in your white jocks

Cum in my woman's box

Some inside this silver fox

Here there everywhere

Cotton satin underwear

Satin Panty derrier

Candy ass with the white on top

Post Malone song easy to crop

Is your new wife your peg top

Rodney I ain't got time to stop

Ain't time to talk music shop

Nox said play station

Not way station

Anyway nation

I need a vacation

Air knee Anne nation

Ale eve E-ation

Not really worth my mention

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