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Semper Find The Cost of Freedom

Updated: May 29

This poem has an interesting provenance. Someone reached out to me. She is a sergeant in the Marines. And her Marine husband died overseas recently. I checked out her photos on instagram and Tik-Tok. And I just felt compelled to write this.

Well soon something didn't sit right with me based on the conversation and I realized this was an imposter. Blocked/Reported. But interestingly something good came out of it.

As I wrote it, I was reminded of two songs.

Dress Blues by Jason Isbell (Zac Brown version here:

The other was Find The Cost of Freedom by Crosby, Stills, and Nash

Semper Find The Cost of Freedom

you were my partner

you were my love

you were the father of my children

you always will be

your heart beats in them

as it beats in me

intertwined with my flesh and blood

fused with my heart

i miss you

i miss you

i miss you

i miss you

i miss you so so much

i miss you to the depth of my soul

and sometimes i don’t know how i am going to make it without you

even though i must

i must

i am strong

semper fi strong

but babe…

the truth is i was stronger with you

sharing my burden

while i put on my armor

to show i am strong

we know strength isn’t peace

and i breakdown weak

wishing you were next to me

and it could be the way it used to be

we knew there was a danger

when you flew across the sea

seeking a peace that we all knew would not happen

because of that fucking maniac

who took you away from me

the fact that no one knows this

about you

is part of what breaks my heart

because you gave your life

so that others may live

freely and openly

and everyone gives lip service

to our service saying thank you

and making themselves feel good

but they have no idea of the pain and void

left behind

i will persevere

because i must

our two beautiful children will grow up

knowing their father’s integrity and honor

and i am fueled by your undying love

occupying the fortress

that is my heart

godspeed my beautiful soulmate

and i look forward to seeing you when

my earthly light no longer shines

but until then, my love

i have to wash some clothes and get food prepared

and be a rock for our children

because they

need me

every second

of every day

even though i crumble

for you

every second

of every day

find the cost of freedom

buried in the ground

mother earth will swallow you

lay your bodies down

(c) 2022, be self evident , (c) Steven Stills

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