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Steve, Opus 1. High In Mexico

This is my first #1 rap song. Help me make it.

We gotta stop foolin

Whatever I’m doin

Will lead you to ruin

These things I’ve been chewin

Freaky balloonin

I’m only human

we ain’t a union

sometimes communion

we need resolution

not self electrocution

no more of my elocution

our money solution

hookups aint prostitution

sorry for the confusion

my final conclusion

i cannot be your man

god gave another plan

a different way to be i am

sorry baby I mean god damn

ban can dan fan hand han jan klan lan land man nan luanne leanne pan open oman quran ran stan tan minivan van wan zan kab-lam

I am the lamb side of lamb lamb

I don’t a fuck no more

I guess I’m just a man whore

getting more and more

boar boor aor-ta “say or” sayter ‘day door’ ‘dance floor’ floor gore hoard jord eey-ore’d be your core lore more soar sore moor tore store shore chore

yore vore wore woor xor zore four

I don’t give a fuck no more

I am just a damn male whore

getting sexy more and more

in bed freaky to my core

big ass dicks I do adore

in that satin on the floor

one two three and maybe four

girl ain’t saying this is war

but fuck that shit and shut the door

you ain’t ready for whats in store

better than god damn Thor

writing this Mexican shore

do I pour to settle the score

on and on like a boor

am I real or just a tour

istanbul not constantipour

take it r n b ….

hammering and jammering

clamoring and mannering

answering and clattering

gold cladaugh ring

so flattering

now I’m factoring pandering philandering

I am a selfish prick

my head thick as a throbbing dick

doesn’t quite qualify as a brick

like that dude name vic , Vic?

no not michael not even rick

I can rhyme and god damn quick

these rhymes M say are slay sick

they all think I’m a selfish prick

did y’all catch my parlor trick?

can you match me lick for lick

hit me up chick and or dick

Love the drumbeat tic tic tic

a machine not man and stick

I like them a little thicc

Or a little bit of thicc

a little bit of thot

gets my dick hot hot hot

making a big wet ass spot

oh I mean my ass got

welcome to my ash bot

fuck me and get ass taut

make that cock go spout spout spout

the gentlemen meant ascot

look at what my ass caught

all that cum dripping hot

cuz my spigot could float a yacht

fuck that makes me steven scott

and thats all the rhyme I got

yes no maybe what the fock

I got more just like my glock glock glock

what time is it tick tick tock tock

tic tic tock tock tic tic tic tokey talk coffee talk cock block

up came knock knock knocks

bond james bond hawk

sitting by the dock

his offer quite a shock

not one to really mock

r n b then took stock

and got on the knox clock bloc

and I then joined the 10% flock

and thats as far as I got

cash is not my currency

that is no way to be

happiness is better than money

or twenty years of sunny honey

you are a great damn mommy

from first minute your tummy

till they make they own damn money

they will always be so damn lucky

to have suckled on your mammary

oh shit this is anarchy

rhyme master mastery

just had a good ass daiquiri

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