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The Right Father's Day Card

Updated: Aug 4

I've always struggled finding the right card on Father's Day. When your experience with your parent isn't fully functional, it is hard to buy the standard cards that come out -- because the sentiments in those cards just doesn't ring fully true.

As parents, we all screw up. As much as we don't want to hand kids our issues, we do. All we can do is strive to be better and to try to break the cycle. However, we aren't perfect, and as much as we try, our faults will seep into our kids.

So I write this with an attitude today of forgiveness. My father has his own issues--some I don't know about because there isn't a lot of real emotional talk and openness in our relationship. However, I've recently realized some of the things he gave me (or didn't) are also part of my personality--and as much as I hate it--it is what it is. I can only try to recognize those things and do better.

You did the best you could given what you were given. I love you Dad.

The Right Father's Day Card

Finding the right card on Father’s Day

Is always a difficult task

One that doesn’t effuse too much

One that doesn’t excuse so much

Spruce truth or truce too much

Sifting through the sentiment aisle

Thanks for playing ball - nope

Coming to my graduations concerts and plays - Mmmno

You were always there for me - nah

You’ve made me the man I am - true, but no

Maybe a hand written card with perfect prose

Kudos for being there when your other grandchildren were born

At least you made the first wedding

Hope that system rollout went well

We did have baseball so that’s something

Rose to Morgan to Perez Double play

Those times are almost 50 years away

And I told you that Elvis died

Yet no memory exists of my mom and you together

Even if I was ten when you moved on

Roots and rivers run deep

And as much as I vowed to be different

I feel you seeping through me

Out of sight is out of mind

But I only have a fraction of your indifference

And mine had a full childhood with me

Even if I’m not the man I used to be

So happy Father’s Day to all of those

Of us vowing to do better

Succeeding to some degree

But unable to completely be the ideal

Dad, I know you did the best you could

Because I know what regret is

Do you cry about your mistakes as much I do mine?

So I write this with honesty and grace

And in good days forgiveness

As for you, me, and mine

The circle may be unbroken

But we are

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