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Tonight was dope as fuck. Iris.

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I was invited to a private rave at a gaming event I went to.

this is mind and body blowing

this old man never slowing

nova power glowing

dodging mosh elbowing

beat perfect to and fro-ing

we're here for churchgoing

thot girl is camel-toe-ing

love energy outflowing

I am super easy going

too bad its me mostly soloing

but my fan base is evergrowing

manifest destiny showing

my man diesel fuel flowing

stage dancing embargoing

I know its an eventual bestowing

tell my wife I ain't currently ho-ing

time to stop but I keep going

time for me to along and get going

climbing cloud I am a Boeing

lack of intelligence is not not knowing

only moral failure if you stop

unless you lack personal self knowing

why is this comment

so damn ongoing

I'm never going to mello-wing

my teeth are yello-wing

Feynman chilled that damn O-ring

that made the shuttle exploding

dropping the mic ttyl gotta get going

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