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Deep into the trip I went

Visions and patterns previously unrecognized

Connections remade

And some freshly created

Led me to feel more deeply that I thought possible

And see things I had king hidden from myself

Riding a wave of self discovery so high

That I didn’t even notice crashing onto the shore

A tsunami of expression and epiphanies

Each life changing and foundational shift

Destroying my foundations

And bringing me to the heights of destruction

All that I knew

And loved

Swept away by the force of moving ocean

So fast that none could get out of its way

And so I rode the wave

Thinking that all ships were rising

Not aware

Or caring

About the calamity under my seas

Until one day

The rushing stopped

And my head cleared

I saw the waters around be begun to retreat

Back into the ocean

And as the waters receded

I saw the barren land

Devoid of any life that I had known

Stripped bare by my carelessness

A new landscape carved by my absorption

All that had held dear

Was nowhere to be seen

And the wave that was my ship

And my trajectory

Withdrew back into the ocean

Taking me with it

And away from that which I had known

Now the waters are calmer

But I see the telltale shape

Of fins circling me

And that which was beckoning me

Replaced with the bite of sharks

That I knew will come next

Ending my journey of discovery

Leading to my own ruin

Drowning in the maelstrom

Or my own design

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