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Welcome to my new home

Be Self Evident, LLC is my company. And it is my vehicle to implement my projects and collaborate with others. It what I'll have to pay lawyer for.

I am looking for investment. Investment in me. I'll tell you my ideas, you decide. My terms are already set and fixed, no negotiations. Investment starts at $1M for 1%. Thing its to pricey, then don't reach out. You self selected out, because I set the price ridiculously high. And when someone looks at what I'm doing and says 'holy fuck we're going to miss out, they are going pay that money. Because I believe in myself 100%. Completely. Utterly. No more doubts.

I will be writing about anything and everything.

The writing on this site will be around my business. Ideas. Collaborations. And it will be peppered with my poetry. Can't subscribe to one and not the other. Not how I operate.

I'm looking forward to get to know you. Cheers, Steven

Me at an urban music station in the ATL on the radio earlier this year.

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