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Worth Waiting For

I wrote this from an unusual prompt. A LinkedIn post by a creator in Nigeria setting up a story where men have to fight to win their brides.

they will fight over me as it has been

since my tribe has had a memory

and he will be strong and brash and will best the others

and that man will be worthy of me

so say the elders and shaman

but in the hidden places of my heart

I do not want the man who is superior

in plainly winnable ways

While I am a prize worth fighting for

I am not a prize any man can claim or win

for a heart is only truly happy when it is given

openly freely

without contests

without predainedness

it is earned

by the rules of the heart

not any prizefighter

and while this combatant will be my chosen king

I wish to choose another thing

How can a man show he has a superior heart

it is not a defined course you can chart

it comes in the daily ebb and flow

where time and again he can show

that he values me and what I stand for

he many not win the most contests

or boast about his conquests

but when that man wants to win me over

if he is true it won't take long for closure

and that is a contest worth waiting for

because the ultimate prize lies in store

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