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Hire me so I can feed my family

and paying for college know

Dance Monkey

If you've seen me dance then you know I can add life to any event that has music.

I mean I can even dance to people talking, so...

Have me come dance to a song or two of yours while you perform. People love this shit...

Public Speaking

I give good speech. Seriously. I'll have your audience laughing, crying, and thinking. I can talk about anything and weave my personal experience and style into it to make your event rock. Motivational, Informational, Critical. I can communicate anything.


You've got an event or contest. You need judges.

You want me on that panel.

Not only will I be an honest judge, I will help entertain your audience.

I might dance.

Messaging Review

This I don't do alone. I'm good, but I have a network and team that can help you get your messaging on right. Branding, Product Marketing, Crisis Communications. I can help. I'm married to the best influencer/product/corporate marketing person on the planet. I may be biased, but not much.

Backup Vocals

I couldn't harmonize for 56 years.

But damn have I made up for lost time. 

You need some backup vocals? 

I do soulful backup singing. Could be echoing your last works of each line. Singing a counterpoint. Doing some spoken word. Sort of depends on the song.

Genre doesn't matter. Rap. RnB. Pop. Country. Albanian Folk Singing. Whatever.


I give good voice.

Accents, characters, whatever.

Give me the role and I'll shine.

Need your audio book narrated. There's a Steve for that.

Record your poetry?

Let's be creative people.


Looking forward to good conversations with good outcomes

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